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Ambit Energy
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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Why Ambit Works!

How many people do you know that use gas and electricity?
How many people do you know that would like to save money or potentially get free energy?
Many families are struggling to make ends meet in this economy. The energy bill is a bill that you have to pay each month, and you habitually use energy and unconsciously purchase it. Why would you not want to save money on any bill in your monthly budget? Ambit is the only company that guarantees in writing you will save money with no contract, no termination fee and no cost to upgrade. Nothing changes except your energy bill is lower.
In the past few months I have seen many families and organizations trying to raise money for family members or individuals with a one time fundraiser. Why not have funds raised month after month with customers saving money on their energy bill. For example if you know of a family that is struggling with medical bills they could become a customer and have 15 other families become a customer of theirs. This would give them Free Energy for the referrals and if they become a consultant it would bring a monthly residual income month after month, and year after year. To learn more information please go to to see the vision.

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